Every spirit has its signature cocktail.

The Margarita is to tequila, as the Mojito is to rum, and the Moscow Mule is to vodka. These iconic drinks all have their origins and eventually became the cocktails we all love and sip on today.

That being said, we wanted Avila to have a signature cocktail of its own, one crafted in the image of the spirit’s home – Morelos, Mexico.

Named after Morelos’ capital city, Revel Spirits is proud to present The Cuernavaca, created by seasoned bartender, Christian Rubio. Using our flagship brand, REVEL Avila,  The Cuernavaca aims to be as popular as the Margarita, but with a fresh palate tasting twice as good.

Avila has been the spirit of choice enjoyed in Morelos for generations before REVEL’s arrival, something we keep close to our heart as we establish this new category in the world of agave spirits. The people of Morelos and the spirit they’ve produced are something to cherish. This is their legacy and Revel Spirits serves as the steward, a role we take quite seriously as we showcase Avila to the world and bring new and exciting brands to market.

When dreaming up how to create Avila’s signature cocktail, we sought to recruit someone with the same level of passion and drive to shine the spotlight on the state of Morelos, Avila’s birthplace.

Ultimately, our search led us to Christian Rubio, a Morelos native and owner of Pichirilo Barra Urbana in Cuernavaca, who delivered just that with this recipe. Christian has trained under some of the most experienced bartenders in prestigious bars in France, Spain, Switzerland, and Italy.  Eventually his travels led him back to Mexico, where he now owns several local cocktail bars and restaurants as well as his own cocktail catering company.

Built off of the amazing flavor profile of Avila, the recipe for the Cuernavaca combines the citrusy taste of lime and orange with agave nectar and a drop of Peychaud’s Bitters. It is then topped off with ginger beer and double strained into an old fashioned glass over ice. Finally, it’s garnished with basil and a dehydrated lime wedge. The end result is a simple and beautifully fresh cocktail highlighting the spirit of Morelos.

“Avila is the spirit of the people of Morelos, and we finally have the platform to share it with the world thanks to Revel,” said Rubio. “Morelos is my home, and this is my passion. To have been given the opportunity to create its signature cocktail was a true honor. The Cuernavaca embodies the legacy which this spirit is built on while bringing flavors together to represent the energy and love of the city whose name it bears.”

The significance of Avila’s ties with Morelos and the city of Cuernavaca are embedded in the fabric of REVEL. Over the years, many descendants from Morelos have settled in Cuernavaca’s sister city in the United States, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Included among these is Héctor Ruiz, a partner in Revel Spirits and an acclaimed restauranteur in Minneapolis. It’s the Ruiz family that owns the Morelos farm and distillery which serve as Revel Spirits’ base of operations in Mexico. Revel’s CEO, Micah McFarlane and President, Susan Clausen, are also from Minneapolis making the dedication to Cuernavaca and Morelos that much stronger.

“We could not be more excited to finally debut this signature cocktail and for the world to experience what Christian created,” added McFarlane. “His passion and his love for Morelos is in this cocktail, and hopefully soon on menus and consumers’ favorites list across the world.”

Think you’re ready to try Avila’s signature cocktail? View the recipe here: The Cuernavaca

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