Es la ley: Denomination of Origin

Es la ley: Denomination of Origin

In the alcohol industry, there are only a handful of spirits and wines protected by law, which is known as a Denomination of Origin. Internationally recognized, these Denominations of Origin zero in on the geography of where a product is made.

For example, Avila’s cousin, tequila, is protected by its own Denomination of Origin which is defined by a very strict set of rules called a NOM. The tequila NOM strictly states that in order to bear the name tequila, a spirit must be made using blue weber agave, grown, harvested, and distilled in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, as well as several other surrounding territories. This is the same applications of principles which legally define which sparkling white wines can be called champagne and which brandies can only be called cognac.

The reasoning behind this is simple – it’s to better protect the category by ensuring quality to those it’s marketed to and most importantly, to bolster the economic development of the regions by safeguarding one of its most valued industries.

A Denomination of Origin is exactly what Revel Spirits is working towards right now for the new agave spirit category we have introduced, Avila. Our spirit is manufactured several hundred miles south of Mexico’s Jalisco region in the small state of Morelos.  The agave farms which we utilize are in the shadows of the El Popo volcano which also graces the virgin soil with mineral rich nutrients that yield the healthiest pinas the country has to offer.

Although REVEL was the world’s first Avila, the truth is that this spirit has been enjoyed here for generations, with deep local roots to the region. Avila is Morelos, and Morelos is Avila. The people of Morelos are incredibly proud of this spirit – Revel is simply giving them a conduit to showcase it to the world by bringing new and exciting brands to market.

Revel Spirits is the steward of this category and we take our role very seriously. Alongside state government officials at the highest level of Morelos, including Ana Cecilia Rodríguez González, Minister of Economic Development and Labor, and Cuauhtémoc Blanco, the state’s Governor, Revel Spirits is leading the charge to get the federal government to grant a Denomination of Origin protecting Avila and ensuring that no spirit can bear that name unless it’s produced using agave grown and distilled within the borders of the state of Morelos.

It’s our goal and that of the government of Morelos, that the Denomination of Origin will help attract other producers to the state, looking to introduce brands of their own Avila, bringing with it jobs and continued growth of the local economy.

As our farmers say here in Morelos, “Este producto es cien por ciento morelense”or “This product is 100% from Morelos.” This push is to ensure it stays that way for generations to come.

Mas Espiritu!