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96 Proof – 750 ml
Aged 24 Months in French Oak Barrels
Triple Distilled
100% Puro De Agave (Weber Blue Agave)

Caramel, toasted coconut and smoked cardamon, with a bold, earthy finish reminiscent of a fine cognac.

Born in México
Introducing a spirit 500 years in the making. Born of Weber Blue Agave in Morelos; Grounded in the purity of tradition and imagined to a new level.
Old-school Roasting Traditionally Used for Mezcal
Revel Spirit's piñas are thrown into a pit filled with volcanic rock from a local “active” volcano, then covered with sand and leaves. The piña bulbs are roasted for 48 hours covered, and another 24 hours uncovered. A pipe is inserted into the middle to release smoke so it’s less smoky than Mezcal.
New School Steaming & Blending
We also use new school methods (steaming), traditionally used for Tequila. Then, both the steamed and roasted Piñas are blended together for the fermentation process – this makes us unique, giving us a different flavor.
Añejo is Rested in French Oak Barrels
Revel Añejo is made from Blanco by pouring the spirit into French Oak Barrels and letting it sit for 24 months.
Revel Avila is Triple-Distilled
Our commitment to triple-distilling sets us apart. Perfected by our family farmers over many years, our process produces super-premium, high-quality spirits unlike any other. We take the time and invest in this process to assure we’re producing the very best.


Enjoy Revel Añejo
Although Añejo is meant to be sipped neat or on ice, try these Avila cocktails made with Blanco and Reposado.


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