Our mission is to deliver the finest top shelf agave spirits available.

An Agave for Good
We’re not just in this for a business win. We’ve been around long enough to know what really matters: the ability to help people. Remaining true to our brand authenticity means giving back and making a difference in our world.

At Revel Spirits, we aim to create Positive Social Consciousness. We focus on charities and non-profits, participating in their events with cheerful presence and multiple product donations. We embrace philanthropy as a key component of who we are as a company.


From the Agave to your Glass.


Cultivated from the ground up, grown in rich soil with no additives or sugars.
While having the same foundation as Tequila, Avila products are made from 100% pure Agave in the Morelos region of México, by a group of families who have perfected their distillation processes.


+ Made from Agave
+ Traditionally Roasted
+ Produced in 8 designated regions of México


+ Made from 100% Pure Agave
+ Roasted & Steamed
+ Produced in the Morelos region of México


+ Made from Weber Blue Agave
+ Steamed
+ Produced in 5 designated regions of México

Virgin-like Soil

We sometimes call the soil “virgin” because it has not been over-farmed like the soil where Tequila is produced.

Naturally Pollinated

Pollinated naturally by bats via long shoots with flowers from agave plants. Many other companies use man-made methods to pollinate.


With and average elevation of about 3,000 feet above sea level, the Morelos region is perfect for growing Agave.


The warm, humid climate in the Morelos region is perfect for growing our 100% pure Agave.

Roasted & Steamed

Some of our piñas are roasted covered and uncovered for 72 hours on volcanic rock. Our other piñas are steamed in an Autoclave Oven. Then, we combine them to create our unique flavor.

Into the Glass

A combination of many factors take place to give Avila its unique taste. Revel Spirits works closely with its distillery for its delicious and distinctive flavor.


 Made from 100% pure Agave in the Morelos region of México, by a group of families who perfected their distillation processes until their handcrafting created a spirit that became known as Avila.

We Support the Morelos Region
Revel Spirits is dedicated to the people of Morelos and the environment around them. We are building infrastructure, creating jobs, supporting entrepreneurs, and helping our farmers provide for their families. Consumers are paying attention to companies like ours, because we’re doing it right.
Our Fields
Our fields are planted, tended and harvested by hand. The farming traditions stretch back 500 years and are passed along from one generation to the next.

The Jimadors have generations of indispensable knowledge and understanding passed along from generation to generation. They have spent a lifetime in close company with the plants. They understand the health of the field and the effects the fluctuations of weather, pests and soil have on the crop.

Our Harvest
Our Agave is harvested year-round from the fertile, volcanic soil of the Morelos region. It’s an age-old tradition done by hand, only choosing the plants that are ready to be fired and steamed into our unique spirits. It takes an expert to tend the fields – insuring we manage our resources and maintain our commitment to the environment.
Our Jimadores
Up before sunrise to beat the heat, Jimadores like Carlos, Alejandro and Santiago venture out to the fields to choose and cut our Agave. They work all day among the sharp leaves of the agave, cutting the leaves to expose the center – the piña. They gather the piñas by hand, carrying on the age-old tradition of their family farms.


Revel Spirits, Inc. was inspired by a passion for authenticity and the life-long connections of our founders, who became close friends and business partners early in their careers. While expanding their entertainment business and connections in Los Angeles, they discovered their passion for Agave and Méxican spirits. This passion led to the desire to create their own product, so they toured México in search of the right fit and inspired place – and the rich heritage and volcanic soil of the Morelos region was discovered.

Please enjoy responsibly. From us, to you…


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