Cry of Dolores

9/16/21 – Happy Mexican Independence! In coming up with this year’s celebratory cocktail, we challenged our mixology team with a specific set of rules: 1) The drink must display all three colors of the Mexican flag, and 2) It must include at least one ingredient commonly grown in Morelos.

Wow, did this one not disappoint. A beautiful mix of coconut, cinnamon and ripe avocado (grown widely in Morelos). It’s an absolute must try.

The name of the drink “Cry of Dolores” is an ode to the call of arms given by Roman Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in Dolores, Mexico on 16 September 1810 while ringing the church bell and essentially triggered the Mexican War of Independence.


The Cuernavaca

1/19/21 – Just as Avila is the spirit of Morelos, The Cuernavaca is its’ signature cocktail, named after the state’s capital. Created by Morelos native (and owner of Cuernavaca cocktail bar Pichirilo) Christian Rubio, this drink aims to be a classic as popular as the Margarita or the Paloma, but taste twice as good. Simple and beautifully fresh, The Cuernevaca is packed full of flavor but still lets the Avila be the star of the show.


El Escape

11/11/20 – It’s been a year… We all need a little escape, so it was fortunate that our good friend Patrick Frohoff from Koreatown’s The Line Hotel met up with us at one of our favorite LA bars, The Semi-Tropic. He came up with this coconut-based cocktail that makes you instantly feel like you’re on vacation. It’s tropical but still spirit-forward; light but still packs a punch; sweet but dry; refreshing but… well, you get the point. This one’s a winner, and super easy to make at home. Enjoy!


Sophie, Love

8/27/20 – Zack Crawley from Santa Monica’s The Proper Hotel stopped by the Revel R&D bar and shook up this refreshing summery libation. Packed full of seasonal flavors like mint, strawberry and lemon, this drink is complimented by the subtle citrus and bitter gentian notes from the Suze Aperitif. It’s definitely one of those crushable, pool-side cocktails you just can’t put down.


Revel’s New School Paloma

6/30/20 – We got creative during the height of quarantine for this episode of Revel R&D Bar, utilizing our portable events bar at home. This time, a classic – the Paloma. While its origins are shrouded in mystery, the popularity of this drink and its light, refreshing taste is undeniable. We put a fun spin on it, making it a must-add to your summertime cocktail arsenal.


Last Mango In Morelos

5/5/20 – Giving the ‘ol home bar a workout this Cinco de Mayo with another accessible-ingredient cocktail. Since temperatures are rising, we decided to play with some tiki flavors in this one, mixing coconut with mango and Tajin, emulating those classic street vendor fruit cups found in Mexico and Southern California. Happy Cinco friends! ⁣